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Properly Clear Your Clogged Pipe Using a Snake Tool

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

While plumbing can seem intimidating, some tasks are accessible to all.

Your bathroom pipe is completely clogged and water isn't draining. There are plenty of great plumbers in Oklahoma City, OK, but you need to take care of this issue right away. Contractors say you usually can complete this task on your own.

Steps for Snaking Your Drain

Snaking your drain is not a complicated process. Here are the basic steps:

1. Get tools.
2. Gain pipe access.
3. Insert snake coil.
4. Turn handle.
5. Push into the clog.
6. Loosen, pull out gunk and clean coil.
7. Test pipe and repeat if necessary.

Getting Started

First, borrow or buy a snake. Ideally, you’ll wear rubber gloves and have towels and a bucket ready to go. Remove any covers or stoppers to fully access the pipe. Manually insert the coil a few inches into the drain, then start cranking the snake handle clockwise to move the coil deeper.

Moving Into the Drain

As you experience resistance from the coil trying to round corners, turn the handle harder. You can even use both hands, but don’t push too hard. With too much force, a pipe break is possible or the coil could turn back on itself.

Once you reach the clogged area, continue to push into it. It may resist, but there will usually be some give. You can reverse (counter-clockwise) the snake, move forward again and wiggle the coil to loosen the clog. Keep moving forward until you can’t go anymore or notice you’ve broken through the clog.

Removing the Clog

Reverse the snake by turning the handle counter-clockwise. The snake will either break up gunk and flush it or grab hold of it and bring it back up. As the coil exits the drain, wipe it clean and place it in your bucket. Wash and dry the coil to prevent rust. Finally, run water to test your pipe. If it’s still clogged, repeat the process.

While plumbing can seem intimidating, some tasks are accessible to all. A pipe can get stopped at any time, so you might consider keeping a snake on hand. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROofsouthoklahomacity.com/.

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