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Fire damage in this Valley Brook home

When a fire broke out in this Valley Brook residence, the homeowner immediately called 911. The fire department arrived incredibly fast and was able to extingui... READ MORE

Commercial water restoration no matter the size

There can be a thousand reasons for a water damage to occur in a commercial building. In most storm situations, there will be roof damage or flooding from the g... READ MORE

Moisture can cause mold

Mold is a problem in any home. Whenever there is a water problem you will be able to find mold. Water problems could be from flooding or maybe from a broken pip... READ MORE

Best fire restoration process

Water is often present after a fire. Either the firefighters will use it to put out the fire or the fire sprinklers will trigger on to put out the fire. The wat... READ MORE

How to stay open for business after water damage

Maintaining service to your customers after water damage can be tricky. Water damage can create a big mess for your commercial building. Here are some tips to s... READ MORE

Fire damage restoration is difficult work

The soot is easier to clean because it is visible to our cleaning technicians. Smoke odor, however, is much harder to clean and rid your home of. This home had ... READ MORE

Water loss in Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown

The first thing to do is to turn off the water to the building. Some people may have to be without water for a time but it is better than the alternative. Next ... READ MORE

Closet Smelled Like Mold

The closet of this bedroom had always smelt a Little off but it wasn't until the closet was cleaned out that they found the source of the problem. Black Mold Fo... READ MORE

Large Water Loss in Band Room

A burst pipe had thoroughly flooded the floor in the band room of the local high school. Burst Pipe Cleanup There was a lot of standing water in the room. The m... READ MORE

Basement Flooding in Oklahoma City, OK

Flooding in this basement was not what the business owners were looking forward to this close to the holidays. The water heater had broken and flooded the basem... READ MORE