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Garage damaged by fire

Home Fire Damage

Restoration Services in OKC

The garage of an Oklahoma City home was damage after a small house fire. Our team at SERVPRO was called out to assess the damages before removing and caring for your belongings and restoring the affected structure. 

Water damage restoration with employee

Local Business Water Damage

After Water Damage

This small business in Oklahoma City had some water damage in the lobby and offices. Our team of experts at SERVPRO cleaned up the excess water and restored damaged items quickly so they could get back to work. 

Fire damage in home

House Fire

Fire Restoration Services

This home in Oklahoma City was covered in soot and debris after a devastating fire. Our team at SERVPRO worked quickly to cleanup and restore this home so the family could be back where they belonged. We used OSHA-approved cleaning practices and materials to make the walls look like new. 

Allstate building suffers water damage

Local Business Restoration

Commercial Restoration

Our team at SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown was called out to this Allstate agency after water damage. We are available 24/7 to assist commercial businesses after any size disaster or damage. 

Soot damage on ceiling

Ceiling Fire Damage

Fire Restoration

After this small business suffered a severe fire, the ceilings and walls were covered in soot and smudge. Our team at SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown cleaned the damage before the full restoration process. 

Kitchen after water damage restoration

Home Water Damage

Remediation Service

This kitchen had suffered water damage and was at risk of mold growth. Thanks to SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown we were able to arrive promptly, assess the situation and get right to work! And now it looks "Like it never even happened." We used our air movers to dry the area quickly.

Carpet on stairs after cleaning.

We specialize in Carpet and upholstery cleaning.

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma, Midtown specializes in residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning. If your Oklahoma house is in need of a deep carpet cleaning we are ready and equipped to bring your carpet back to new condition. 

Burnt chair after fire

Don't let Fire Damage stop you from feeling at home

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown understands how stressful Fire Damage can be to your Oklahoma home. Let our highly trained technicians handle everything from protecting your belongings and restoring your home to pre fire damage condition. 

green equipment on cement

We handle all your water damage needs.

Water damage can lead to many problems for your Downtown Oklahoma City house. If not attended to accordingly you could be at risk of mold growth. We'll get right to the source and restore your home to pre water damage condition. 

Stair well with the first few stairs missing the carpet and extraction hosing laying on the stair well

When water gets into your Smith Village basement, Call SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown

It can be dangerous to the structure of your home to leave water in your basement. We responded to this Smith Village residents call for help when he found a few inches of standing water in his basement. We extracted the water and continued with our water mitigation process to ensure his basement was dry.

Finished basement room that sustained water damage requiring high powered fans

Basement water damage in Oklahoma City, OK

When you find water in your basement like this homeowner, it is crucial to know who to call. We arrived to this home quickly to assess the level of water damage. We began by carefully extracting the water, removing the damaged materials and using our high powered air movers to dry the area completely.

mold damage on wood

We work hard to prevent secondary damage

When water damages your home or business it is crucial to get it dry quickly. When it is left to dry on its own, the possibility of mold growth is much higher. We work hard to prevent that. SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown will make it "Like it never even happened."

Drying equipment can prevent secondary damage

We use state of the art fans and dehumidifiers to speed up the evaporation process. Mold has the ability to form faster than water can evaporate. Using the drying equipment can prevent this problem when done properly. 

Small water loss in large office

This office was in need of our water mitigation services recently.  We removed the wet damaged materials and set up all the proper equipment to get the area dried.  We also treated the affected area to prevent mold growth.

Dehumidifiers and air drying equipment

When a disaster occurs be prepared

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown is prepared at all times for any size disaster.  We keep our equipment in mint condition to maximize their effectiveness.  Our customers rely on us to make it "Like it never even happened."

Finding Moisture

The moisture you can't see is just as harmful to your home as the moisture you can see. That is why we use everything at our disposal to find and eliminate all the moisture from your home.

Fast Response

We keep equipment at the ready at our warehouse so that when disaster strikes we are ready to go. No matter when it happens or how big the disaster is, we are ready for whatever happens.

When You Need Us, We'll Be There

With our team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to your disaster, it means that no matter when your disaster strikes, we will always be ready.

Equipment At The Ready

If you experience a loss in your home or business, trust SERVPRO with the restoration. We are equipped and ready for whatever happens. Whether you experience damage from fire, water, mold, storms, or anything else, we can handle it.

Dehumidifier For Drying

When you have a water loss, it is critical to dry the moisture as quickly as possible. Moisture that is left for more than 24 hours can cause secondary damage such as mold to develop. That is why we use drying equipment such as this dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.

Drying The Break Room

When this facility suffered a water loss, the break room in this image was one of the rooms that was affected. We brought in the drying equipment you see here to help speed up the drying process.

Saving A Hardwood Floor

Moisture got trapped under this wood flooring after a water loss. We used the drying mat you see pictured here to help dry up that moisture and save the hardwood flooring. If your business has had a water loss, call us!

Drying Equipment In Dressing Room

The technician in this image is setting up drying equipment in this dressing room after a water loss. If your business experiences a water loss like this, call SERVPRO. We are faster to any size disaster.

Water Cleanup

This facility had a water loss and our team brought in the drying equipment you see pictured here to help the drying process go more quickly. If your home or business has a water loss, call us!

Containment On Showroom Floor

When this retail facility suffered a water loss, our team was brought in to handle the repairs. We set up this containment barrier to keep things like mold spores out of uncontaminated parts of the store.

Restoration Clean up

This is the aftermath of a water leak in a commercial building. The manager was very thankful for the handwork and knowledge of our team at SERVPRO.  They were very satisfied with the professional technicians that assisted in the rebuild of their building.

Air drying equipment on wood floors.

Drying Equipment in Showroom

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown can not only respond to residential emergency but also commercial restoration needs.  They have the equipment to take on any kind of damages.  This picture is from a showroom that had water damage to their hardwood floor.

Back of Commercial Building

Our team at SERVPRO has the ability to clean up your commercial property along with document drying and packing up, to making sure your electronics are safe from damages. We have professional recovery teams for all of our restoration categories.

Stairwell After Storm Damage

SERVPRO can provide many services for your restoration emergency.  We have a storm recovery team that is ready for any storm disaster.  The water damages are just one of many damages that can occur after a storm.

Storm damage on floor.

Storm Damages in Downtown Oklahoma City

This room was affected by storm damage that the team of SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown was called to.  Storms can cause damages by winds or rain and our professional trained technicians can come in and clean up. Call us anytime at (405) 292-0808

Bank Restroom Water Leak

This is a picture of the bank restroom after severe water leak.  The manager was surprised by the quick response SERVPRO provided.  The technicians used the restoration equipment to make the bank look like nothing happened so they could open for business.

Auditorium floor water damage.

Water damage to Auditorium

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown responded to this Auditorium with water damage.  They have the equipment to clean any types of flooring including carpet. They have professional cleaning technicians and ensure areas like this are dry to prevent any odors.

Mold Invest

Mold can affect more then one room in your home or business.  The owner of this home couldn't believe how SERVPRO responded to their home and managed the mold with the equipment and professionalism.

Air drying equipment.

Mold Equipment

The air scrubber is one of the many equipment SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown can respond to your home with for your restoration needs. The team is trained to ensure this particular machine is used to retract any mold in your home or business.

Fire damage in kitchen.

Clean up process to kitchen fire

The owner of this home was devastated by the aftermath of this kitchen fire. The team at SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown took the stress away by providing the owners with the right equipment for clean up.

Fire damage

Our trained professional fire technicians responded to this kitchen fire in Norman.  The team has the equipment for clean up and can provide guidance in getting your home back to new. We have professional cleaning that can come in after clean up.

Fire damage on microwave.

Kitchen Fire in Norman

This is an after picture of a kitchen fire SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown responded to. Our team can help guide you through the crisis of fire damage.  Our trained professionals can help restore your home back to before fire.

Empty hallway

Fed Ex Hallway cleanup

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown have your needs ready for any commercial restoration service.  Our technicians are trained on all professional cleaning and we have restoration equipment to get your business up and running "Like it never even happened." 

Mold Containment in home

It is very important to ensure any home or business with mold damage is taken care of as soon as it is detected.  It is also important to contain the area as much as possible.  Our team has the knowledge to take the stress away.

Bedroom With Mold Damage

This is the aftermath of a bedroom with severe mold infestation.  Water leak or moisture in a home or business can cause mold to grow and spread very rapidly. SERVPRO has the right people ready for any of your Mold needs.

Water damage in store.

Ann Taylor Water Leak

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown assisted in this Ann Taylor water emergency.  Our team has the knowledge to extract water from any residential or commercial property. The manager couldn't believe the prompt and quick response to get the door back open for business.

Storm damage to ceiling

Commercial Ceiling After Storm

This is the after picture of the commercial ceiling in Norman when a severe storm hit.  SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown is ready for you or business when any storm or disaster hit our city day or night. 

Water damage on wood floors.

Water damages in Bank

SERVPRO of Downtown Oklahoma City, Midtown has the equipment and expertise to make sure any water damages are treated. After clean up our team can provide validation and documentation that our area is dry from any water damages. 

Bank Water Damages

SERVPRO has all the equipment needed for an Emergency Service. This is a picture of the bank floor after leaking roof from severe storm damage. If you need assistance in any damages contact us at  (405) 292-0808

Fire Content

This is the aftermath of dishes after a house fire.  SERVPRO came into the house and helped the owners pack up their content.  The owners were very grateful for the team in assistance during this tragic time. 

Conference room storm damage.

Conference Room Storm Damage

This is a picture of a conference room after a severe storm in Downtown Oklahoma City. The room was flooded by water and SERVPRO teams worked to pull the floor up and get the belongings away from damage.

Retail Dressing Room

This is a picture of a retail dressing room.  SERVPRO was called to this store with drywall damage from water leak.  The technicians were able to get to the damages in prompt time to make sure the store could keep the doors open.

Smoke Stained Tiles in an OKC Bathroom

The short in the bathroom exhaust fan burnt insulation and produced a smoke filled bathroom in Oklahoma City. Using proper cleaning supplies the wipe down was not very challenging. We also set up an air scrubber to purge the above attic crawl space of the odorous smoke particulates.

Water Damage – Oklahoma City Manufacturing Facility

Water damage to this Oklahoma City manufacturing facility was the result of a broken water line which thoroughly flooded the floor that is pictured. We used wet vacs to extract the water and followed up with commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to finish up the drying process.

Mold Damage – Oklahoma City Bathroom

Mold damage at this Oklahoma City house was aided by all the excess moisture found in the bathroom. Dark spaces behind the walls and moisture are perfect spawning grounds for mold infestation.

Oklahoma City Storm Water Problem

Standing storm water in an Oklahoma City real estate office can be very disruptive for an on-going business. Rapid water removal, following the slogan We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, by SERVPRO technicians helps our local businesses to flourish and serve the public. Count on SERVPRO to get the water out and your clients in.

Office Flooring in Oklahoma City is Wet

The sudden pooling water from a line rupture was quickly dispatched by our SERVPRO technicians. Using a portable sump pump and hand vacs the damage to the furnishings, file cabinets, and storage cartons were virtually nil. Faster To Any Size Disaster!

water damage

Hardwood Flooring and Water Damage

We're Here to Help

Removing standing water, spills, and moisture from hardwood flooring is critical to preserving the material and the supporting floor joists. SERVPRO utilizes drying mats to suction out water from the joints in the planks and the underlying wetness in the supporting structure.

black mold

Black Mold on Wall

Mold Remediation Services

The moisture was sufficient for dormant mold spores to start to grow into a good sized mold colony. We safely removed the lower portion of the drywall, disinfected the exposed area, and fitted new drywall.

kitchen fire after

Kitchen Fire Damage

Fire Disasters

The fire in the kitchen spread very quickly and covered the walls with a black, smoky residue. The firefighters busted open the ceiling to check for hidden smolderings, creating more of a mess. Our first step was to clear out all the debris and then go forward with the restoration.